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A day at the Kelvingrove

This entry was posted on Sunday, October 5th, 2014 by Frances Ryan.
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I spent yesterday in Glasgow visiting the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It’s one of those places I can return to over and over again. In fact, I’ve probably been there a dozen times over the last 12 years. I kind of feel like that’s not often enough, but as the friend I was with has only been twice in the same time span, I guess I’m doing OK.

Not that it’s a competition, mind you. (Unless I’m winning.)

Still, I love a good day out at a museum—especially one with lots of hands-on activities! And yesterday’s visit had plenty of that. There were a few magnetic poetry stations, several learning quizzes, a live bee-hive display (see the video here), and a willow-heart making station for senior adults.

And since there were no seniors at the station when we went by, my friend and I were allowed to participate in the arts and crafts. So that was pretty cool. (In fairness, our combined ages would have put us in the 65+ category, so it was kind of OK. Right?)

Anyhow, there’s not much more to say about the day that wouldn’t be better in photos. So, here are (some of) the photos from the day!

A day at the Kelvingrove - Gallery


Pleased to hear you and your friend had fun.  Thought about visiting myself whilst in Glasgow, but don’t have any friends to go with.  Is it true that there’s a space next to the Haggis for the slightly rarer Scottish LibDem.

by Nick NoMates Clegg at 1:31pm (GMT) on October 5th, 2014

Aw, poor wee Cleggy ... I’m sure there’s room next to the Haggis, but I wonder if you might feel more comfortable in the special room they have set up for species like the DoDo and the Great Auk. (Not to ring the bell on your demise too soon, mind.)

by Just Frances at 5:51pm (GMT) on October 5th, 2014

Loved the video!  That’s quite the music in the background!  The haggis and the boar are nice…but is that a grizzly in the background?!  All in all, it looks as if you had a marvelous day. 

by Mom at 6:44pm (GMT) on October 5th, 2014

It was a bear of some sort, but I don’t know for sure what flavour. I’ll pay more attention on my next visit!

by Just Frances at 9:19am (GMT) on October 6th, 2014

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