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    Cookie confessional - May 20th, 2010
    Not for the first time, I’ve purchased a box of frozen cookie dough from one of my nephews as part of a school fund raiser. And not for the first time, I’ve yet to actually bake a cookie, but am almost out of dough. I don’t know what my obsession with frozen, raw dough is, but it exists. [more...]

    Right on red - Apr 2nd, 2010
    I like to think of myself as a calm driver; defensive but certainly not aggressive. Though maybe I’m a bit passive-aggressive at times. The whole “right on red” thing gets me riled up at times, causing those passive-aggressive tendencies to come out and play. [more...]

    Building strong bones - Mar 17th, 2010
    Growing up I was told to drink my milk because it was good for building strong bones. I attempted that at the weekend by purchasing a half-gallon of 2%* to enjoy with a box of Cap’n Crunch Berries. [more...]

    The great clean out - Mar 14th, 2010
    I don’t “do” makeup. It’s too much of a hassle and I just can’t be arsed to mess with the junk. However, I do own a small amount of the stuff. Mostly old stuff; mostly seldom used. This isn’t a secret, and several friends (who have more makeup in their handbags than I own all together) have let me know on several occasions that it’s not OK to keep the stuff so long. [more...]

    Jeggings confession - Mar 14th, 2010
    I have a guilty confession to make. When I was on my holidays in the UK, I let my niece convince me that “jeggings” and a trendy shirt looked good on me. The sale price convinced me to make the purchase. [more...]

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