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Bonjour, Bordeaux!

This entry was posted on Monday, May 16th, 2016 by Frances Ryan.
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Bonjour, Bordeaux! Or rather, au revoir… as I’m already back home in Scotland after enjoying a mini-holiday to France these past few days! In fact, this was my first-ever trip to France and I am now wondering what took me so long to get there. More importantly, I’m wondering how soon I can return!

The adventure was planned because my friend, Mila, lives there with her husband and their wee boy. I first met Mila in Washington when we worked together. Since her move to France and my move to Scotland, we’ve keep in contact on Facebook and have often joked that I should come and visit. So… I did! (And I hope she knows I will be back!!)

Mila was an amazing host, showing me around Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion, and even the Dune du Pilat. And she fed me very, very well! In fact, she got me to try oysters for the first time in my adult life and didn’t hate them. I also tried several new pastries and cheeses—and wines! And a little bit of everything else she suggested, too.

I’m not going to go on much more, because I am exhausted and I have a lot of work to catch up on. But, as always, there are photos of my lovely holiday below.

I know I’ve been rubbish at blogging in recent weeks and months, but I will try to get better. Really, I promise.

But for now… au revoir!

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