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Conquering the law

This entry was posted on Sunday, February 21st, 2016 by Frances Ryan.
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I arrived in North Berwick yesterday for my birthday weekend, with a plan to conquer The Law as part of my visit. And since yesterday was spent exploring Tantallon Castle and the coast, today was the day to climb the hill!

The Law is a little over 600 feet high and there are a few nice and gentle paths to the top. But the easy route didn’t seem adventurous enough for me. No, instead I opted to clamber up the hill the hard way, scaling over rocks and carefully negotiating my way over the uneven ground. Once at the top, of course, all of my hard work paid off!

On the way up, and again on the way down, I grabbed a few geocaches for my weekend’s collection. I managed a total of 17 for the weekend, which is a record for me. But it was a fun way to explore the area a bit more. (I also popped into Mass, as my second cache of the day was right next to the Catholic Church and services were starting in a few minutes. I think it was a sign from God that I needed His grace with me before conquering the day.)

After two days of adventuring, I am completely exhausted. And so, I won’t bother sharing more details or labelling the photos. Just know they’re all from my walk to and from The Law.

I’ll be heading out for my birthday dinner in a little while, then I’ll head off to bed for a good night’s sleep. I’ll be on a train back to Edinburgh in the morning, and back to my office (and reality) by lunchtime. I’ve had a great weekend though, and I hope to make future visits to this amazing little town!

Conquering the law - Gallery


The Birthday Bunny has hopped this way to say Hoppy Birthday to you today! Enjoy it. It’s the Law.

by Birthday Bunny at 8:41pm (GMT) on February 21st, 2016

Thank you! :)

by Just Frances at 11:04am (GMT) on February 23rd, 2016

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