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Faith for February

This entry was posted on Friday, February 1st, 2013 by Frances Ryan.
Tags: happy, goals, friends, faith

When the New Year began, I wrote about my contemplation of giving into misery and hopelessness; of forgoing thoughts of joy and happiness. But, in the end, I resolved to continue hoping for a happier future. I even worked to ensure I started the year off on the right foot with a clear head and a clean flat.

I’ll be honest and admit that I imagined that I’d fall into a bit of despair again, and that I’ve started each new day with caution and fear. But I am pleased to say that January was a good month. I managed to get out of the house every weekend. I took myself out for dinner; I went for walks with friendsand walks alone; I taught myself to make a sock monkey; and I even took a couple of steps toward my future.

And now that February has begun, I’m excited to say that I’m on track for another great month.

I’ve just returned home from dinner out with friends and I have plans to watch a rugby game with another friend tomorrow. And later in the month, I’ll make my way to England for a family reunion. Oh! And my birthday is toward the end of the month which is something to look forward to.

So, with one month over, I’m still hopefully optimistic for the outcome of 2013. Cautious, but hopeful.

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