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Happy things

This entry was posted on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 by Frances Ryan.
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It’s day two of Journaling July and I’m running out of time to journal. Worse, I don’t really have anything to journal about. So, I thought I’d look at the photos on my phone for inspiration. And that’s when I saw the folder “happy things” where I store photos of random things that make me smile.

So today, you get a list of happy things! And I’ll give you 31 of them, since there are 31 days in Journaling July. Ready? Let’s go!

31 happy things (in no particular order)

  1. 13 cookies in a 12-cookie pack
  2. Googly eyes on statues (like in the photo with this story)
  3. Flowers growing in the middle of a rock wall
  4. Finding a pretty bottle of glitter nail polish on the sidewalk (losing it was probably sad for someone else though)
  5. Finding pretty pennies
  6. Postcards from friends
  7. Waking up feeling refreshed, moments before the alarm goes off
  8. Butterflies at the bus stop
  9. Free nibbles at the pub
  10. Freshly laundered bed linens
  11. New pyjamas
  12. Sock monkeys
  13. Stray cats that come to say hello
  14. Hand-written letters
  15. Smiles from strangers
  16. Random conversations with nice people
  17. Finding a cute dress on the clearance rack—in your size!
  18. Finding random lovelies
  19. Running a faster time than expected
  20. Parades!
  21. Cocktails with friends
  22. The laughter of children
  23. My own laughter!
  24. Sunny days
  25. Walking barefoot in the grass (don’t mention what the dogs do!)
  26. Relaxing soaks in the tub
  27. Vintage handbags
  28. Coffee!
  29. Site-seeing with friends
  30. Skype chats with my Mommy
  31. Happy dreams

How about you? What random things make you happy?


new blog post from just frances are one of my happy things. and also cuddling with my wife and kid on movie night.

keep finding those happy things!
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by mm at 7:42am (GMT) on July 3rd, 2015

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