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Holes in my head

This entry was posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013 by Frances Ryan.
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I was 14-years-old when I got my ears pierced. One hole per ear as an 8th grade graduation gift from my parents. And I knew that it was strictly against the rules to have any further holes added until I was 18.

But, at 16, I decided that I wanted two more holes in my left ear and one more in my right. So I went to Ellensburg with a friend and I got more holes. (I lied and said I was of consenting age.)

When I got home I was very clever and did my hair very carefully so that my ears didn’t show. Yes, this was a fool-proof plan and my parents would never find out what I’d done.

My plan lasted until they got home and not a moment later.

I recall being very upset about my punishment of chores and a term of grounding, but I also remember feeling slightly smug because they didn’t make me remove the new earrings. So, really, I kind of got away with it.

But after a few weeks the new holes hadn’t healed. My ears were constantly sore and inflamed—despite my constant cleaning. Eventually, I had to remove the earrings.

But that wasn’t the end. No, for weeks and months the holes remained icky. My ears burned and tingled and I was so upset that I had these red blotches that detracted from my well-healed first set of holes (that I still wore earrings in).

That was more than 23 years ago, and I am still suffering from my disobedience—though, thankfully, not as much or as often.

You see, after the first few months of constant infection, the new holes calmed down and ceased being all puffy and (sorry for the graphics) pus-filled. But for the first several years they would get inflamed again every few months or so. And after about 10 years, they only got inflamed when I was sick (maybe because my immune system was covering every base?).

Nowadays, I rarely experience any problems with my ears (and when I do, it’s mostly my left) but every once in a while, they’ll get a wee bit inflamed and red—and they’ll be ever-so-slightly leaky.

Yes, 23+ years later and I am still dealing with the ramifications of my actions. If I’d have just obeyed my parents, maybe it would have been OK because maybe when I turned 18 I would have been wise enough to know that I didn’t need more than one hole per ear.

Today, I am feeling a bit mad at myself for having disobeyed my parents way-back then; partly because I have extra holes in my head that I don’t need, but mostly because my ears are acting up.

You know, if you wondered ...

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