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This entry was posted on Friday, October 29th, 2010 by Frances Ryan.
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I work full time. I parent an 11-year-old foster kid. I have a house that requires my care and attention. I have applications to complete for entrance to a postgraduate program. I have this amazing blog to keep up with. And I have the full-time occupation of being completely awesome. (And there are loads of other tasks and responsibilities I’ve not listed, like the chore of being extremely modest all the time…)

Oh, and I have a queen-sized afghan and a baby blanket that I’m busy crocheting.

So, you’d think that I’d recognize that I have enough on my plate, right?


On a trip to the big city yesterday I purchased yarn for two new projects. Both of which I need to finish by Christmas. One is a purple scarf (started last night) and the other is a twin-sized purple and green ripple afghan. I know it seems silly, but the kid just loves the queen-sized afghan I’m working on and has also admired my hand-crocheted scarves.

Well, I guess I’m just a sucker because now I’m busy making Christmas pressies for the kid after she goes to bed. I hope she likes them. I really, really hope she does! (And don’t worry, she’ll get proper, store-bought rubbish, too!)


Of course the kid loves the afghan you’re working on…you do great work.  You girls really loved the afghans that your grandmother made for you…I’m sure the kid will feel the same about the one you make for her.  And, she will probably brag to her classmates about her new scarf!

by Mom at 11:59pm (GMT) on October 28th, 2010

i think a crafting project or two on the go is the key to sanity (but i am biased)

by pomomama at 12:54pm (GMT) on October 29th, 2010

She’ll love them (even though I’ll have to Google them to find out what they are). She won’t be there forever and they will remind her of her time with you. She seems to enjoy herself there.

by Sharon at 5:08pm (GMT) on October 29th, 2010

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