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I [heart] root beer

This entry was posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012 by Frances Ryan.
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I love root beer. I really, really do. It’s my fizzy soft drink of choice and I could drink barrels and barrels of the stuff.

Sadly, root beer isn’t readily available in Scotland. I heard a rumour that it used to be sold in UK McDonalds outlets, but I guess it didn’t sell very well so they gave up on it. And that means that it’s nearly impossible to find the stuff.

A few weeks ago I decided that I would make a trip into Edinburgh to pick up some A&W Root Beer from Lupe Pinto’s import shop. Yes, it’s a bit silly to make such a long trip for root beer, but I’ve been desperate. I mean, it’s been more than six months since I’ve had the stuff!

But then I stopped into my local sweetie shop and discovered that they’ve started to sell some American candies and root beer! It’s not cheap (about $2.50 per can!) and it’s not Barq’s but it sure does quench my thirst!

And now that I have a local source for root beer, I guess I can scratch it off of my expat food woes list!


I can relate to this big time - root beer is sensational!

Being from the England, I can sink the rumour of it being sold at McDonald’s, I go there far too often for me not to notice it. I would have bought enough that they’re just have to have kept selling it in their outlets! ha :)

by Mike Adams at 11:21am (GMT) on February 17th, 2015

Hi, Mike. Thanks for your comment.

I wonder if the root beer was just at Scottish outlets, because I have had several friends here tell me about the horrible days of root beer at McDonald’s. I just don’t understand how they can’t love it.

I have found that there are a lot more shops with American sections in the last year or two, so I’m able to pick up root beer at Tesco or Waitrose with ease now ... though it’s still quite expensive. (But worth it!)

by Just Frances at 3:00pm (GMT) on February 18th, 2015

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