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Operation hanky rescue

This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 by Frances Ryan.
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I have rescued a lovely white handkerchief to add to my collection.

On the way to work on Monday I saw this poor little handkerchief on the ground getting all stomped on and dirty(er) but didn’t really think much of it until I saw it was still there on my way home.

Then on the way to work on Tuesday I noticed the little guy was still sitting there—unloved and unwanted. But I kept walking. Only I was intrigued by this lonely little piece of cloth so I told myself that if it was still there on my way home I would give it a closer look.

And, upon closer inspection, I noticed that there was a blue “R” embroidered on it. I stood contemplating what I would do with an R-enhanced hanky, as I couldn’t see myself passing it on to Rachel, Rebecca, or Royann. Well, I couldn’t see them appreciating a rescued hanky at least. So I walked away.

Then—all of the sudden!—I realised that my own last name starts with an R! So, obviously, this was fate. I then turned back, grabbed a bit of paper from my bag*, and picked it up.

Once home, I soaked it in boiling water. Then I soaked it in a white vinegar and baking soda combination. Then I boiled it on the stove for a bit. Then I boiled it some more. Then I finally put it in the laundry.

And now I have a lovely new handkerchief complete with my last initial engraved in one corner.

If the idea of rescuing a bit of cloth from the ground that will be used to wipe noses and dry tears brings you a level of disgust, think of this: Hotel towels and bedding are used by countless people who do all sorts of things with them. And we’ve all heard stories about hotel cleanliness.

So really, my overly-cautious cleaning routine will make using my new hanky OK. But, just in case, it might run through the wash a couple more times before I dare blow my nose into it ...

* Yes, I picked it up without actually touching it, and then wrapped it in the paper to carry it home. I didn't actually touch it until it had been boiled. I'm perfectly happy to pick up a penny with my bare hands, but picking up someone's used and filthy hanky is another story!


And the penny probably has the same germs on it that the hanky did!!  But I’m glad you rescued the hanky and will be putting it to good use.  Do you do the same thing with the hankies from resale shops?

by Mom at 6:28pm (GMT) on August 7th, 2013

I don’t go as crazy with used store-bought hankies, but they do get a disinfection treatment. I’m crazy, it’s what I do!

by Just Frances at 6:49pm (GMT) on August 7th, 2013

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