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PhD Dreams

Hello, I’m Frances Ryan—PhD research student extraordinaire! This page will serve as my academic-y portal for folks who want to follow my PhD progress.

From this page, you can find out more about my research and academic ambitions. Or, you can bypass the academic stuff and learn more about the every-day (read: crazy) Just Frances by following the navigation links above—it’s your call! Your support and encouragement are always welcome.

Relevant links to information that you might be interested in:

My PhD Blog: This is a separate blog specifically about my PhD and will include more research-based posts. (For those who want the "serious" stuff!)

Personal PhD Posts: All of the posts tagged with “PhD” will be found here. (They’re not necessarily academic!)

The Research: An abstract of my proposed research (this will expand as time goes on)

Frequently Asked Questions: Things people ask me about my PhD dreams