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Randomly the same

This entry was posted on Thursday, July 1st, 2010 by Frances Ryan.
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I bring my iPod to work so that I have a bit of music playing in the background. Most days, I set it to randomly play through all of the 4,100+ songs (I’m working to expand my collection). And most days there are several songs that I don’t know because I’ve loaded Paul’s music onto the machine, too; much of which I’ve never heard—or never paid attention to.

Today I set it for random play and of the 76 songs, 38 of them were the Saw Doctors! Now, that’s OK since they are one of my favorite bands, but I always find it strange when random play sounds more like a one-band show.

I don’t do math[s] and don’t fully understand the whole mathematical-statistical-ratio-data thing, but I wonder that the odds are for such a random playing.* Seems to me that such an event wouldn’t happen too often.

Oh, and since I have you here, I’ll share one of my favorite Saw Doctor’s songs with you!

*If you are able to explain it in simple, non-mathematical terms with simple odds of “1 in a [enter number here]” explanation, please feel free to share. But please don’t offer me the formula for which to decipher it on my own because my brain does language: grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Not math or its scientifically-based cousins.


Somewhere in the vicinity of one in umpty-freaking-bazillion.  ;-)

by Dad at 11:48pm (GMT) on June 30th, 2010

I guess I should add that I have about 213 Saw Doctors songs, which probably helps the math[s].

by Just Frances at 11:52pm (GMT) on June 30th, 2010

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