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Ready to run

This entry was posted on Friday, March 7th, 2014 by Frances Ryan.
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I’m heading to Inverness later today for a fun and exciting weekend of running. And for as much as I’ve been dreading it, I’m kind of starting to look forward to it now. (I’m sure I will regret it all come Monday though.)

You may not realise it, but my last race was way back in April of last year. Then my May marathon plans were scuppered by a low platelet count and my summer race plans were destroyed by various things including rain. And then I had to miss my third Loch Ness Marathon because I was in America waiting for my new visa.

So, yeah. It’s been a while.

Not only that, but my training has really lagged. Like, a lot. As in I ran that 10K back in April and never ran further than that again until about two weeks ago. And even now, I’ve only managed seven miles.

And that means that Sunday’s Inverness Half Marathon is going to be hell.

But I am stubborn (if you didn’t already know that) so I will finish the race even if I have to do so on my bloody hands and knees.

Oh! And it’s not just Sunday’s race I’m doing. No, I’m also running the Inverness Parkrun tomorrow morning. It’s “only” a wee 5K, but it will be a great way to get back into running in a crowd again.

But I’m ready. Well, at least I’m ready in my heart and soul. I’m not too sure if my legs and soles are ready though. But I guess we’ll find out. And if nothing else, it will be good training for the other half marathons I plan to do this year.

I’m doing both races with my friend, David, who lives near Inverness with his family. So I guess the truth is that the most exciting thing about this weekend is that I get to visit with my awesome friends. Yes, I am looking forward to that most of all!

Stay tuned for a race report and maybe even a photo or two.

(You can see photos and results from my other races here.)


Good to hear you’re back to running. I know you always feel more plugged into the world when you’re active. Good luck for both races and for the rest of them for the year.

by Jenn at 1:27pm (GMT) on March 8th, 2014

Thanks, Jenn! You are right that I feel better and more plugged in when I’m active. And I am pleased to say I’m getting more and more active as time goes on.

As for today’s race, I’m pleased to say that I beat my goal time - and that I beat my personal best! My finish time was 2:12:02!

by Just Frances at 7:32pm (GMT) on March 9th, 2014

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