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Ripples for me

This entry was posted on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 by Frances Ryan.
Tags: pretty things, moving, house, family, crochet, arts & crafts

For the first time in my life, I am crocheting something for me. Yep, I’m making a pretty red ripple afghan throw for the couch in my new flat—with a goal to finish the throw before I move in toward the end of October.

OK, that first part isn’t 100% true because I was once working on a queen-sized ripple afghan for my bed, but later decided I would make it for my Mom. And that didn’t get finished before I left for Scotland so I left the project in the hands of my baby sister, Royann, who is only just learning to crochet and will be taking over my left-handed project with her right-handed stitches as her first-ever project. (Royann: Remember you can Skype me or go see ANT Elizabeth for help if you need it!)

But I digress…

When the throw is completed it will be the width of a twin blanket and about 4 feet long—or longer. But at the moment it’s about the size of a scarf. So, um, more hooking is needed!

I know that one little throw isn’t going to be enough to make my new flat feel as much like home as the home I left behind did, but it’s a start. And I like the idea of having something that I made in my new flat.

Note to self: Don’t become that crazy lady who spends every Saturday night at home crocheting lace doilies for every surface of the house and knitting tea cosies for everyone in her address book!


Good note to self! I know how easily that can happen, even unintentionally :)

by Ramona at 7:44pm (GMT) on September 23rd, 2011

You can knit me a tea cosy any day!

by Joanna at 12:33am (GMT) on September 24th, 2011

What’s so wrong with Saturday night crocheting???

by Rebecca at 7:38pm (GMT) on September 24th, 2011

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