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The charity exchange

This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 by Frances Ryan.
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I like to start the New Year with a fresh, clean start (as much as possible), which means doing a bit of de-cluttering and organising. I’ve spent the last couple of days clearing through various cupboards and dressers to help with that fresh start.

The culinary side of that process means I’ve cleaned out my kitchen cupboard to determine what I had—and what needed to be used up. That process helped me to create a rather odd menu for the next couple of weeks, all in an effort to use what I have on hand. (Today’s grocery shop was designed to help use up my current stock.)

The other side of the process means I’ve cleared through my bedroom closet and dresser to determine what I had—but more importantly, what I didn’t need. By the end of the process, I had a rather large bag of clothing and handbags that I’ve not worn or used in a year or two (or more, for one handbag!).

Today, I went into town to buy groceries for the next week and to drop off the “stuff” at the Bethany Christian Trust charity shop. I was really excited about this de-cluttering of mine!

Only I noticed they had a cocktail shaker. And as I’ve been using an old glass jar to make my RyanCentric Martinis for the last three years, I decided to buy it. And then I noticed they had an un-opened stationery set. And as I love to write letters to my loved ones, I decided to buy it.

And then I went to another charity shop. And then I noticed a beautiful teal Pashmina scarf. And as I love having a variety of scarves, I decided to buy it.

And then I went to another charity shop. And then I noticed a set of Cognac glasses. And as I’ve been telling myself I’d get some for more than five years, I decided to buy them.

So my day of de-cluttering turned into a day of shopping—a charity exchange, if you will.

But everything I bought were things I wanted or needed. And they all have a useful purpose. And all together, I spent less than £10 ($16) which is less than any one of the items would have cost brand-new. And, importantly, the purchases all went to support worth-while charities so it’s kind of guilt-free shopping!

Tomorrow is the last day of 2014, so I will spend it finishing up my chores: More cleaning and de-cluttering; sewing buttons on things that have sat button-less for a few months; organising my desk; and putting fresh linens on my bed. After all, what better way is there to start the New Year than with a nice, clean, and tidy home?


So is the net result clutter, declutter, or neutral - I would so hate to have been rehoused in vain!

by Discarded handbag at 6:29pm (GMT) on December 30th, 2014

Oh, please don’t feel discarded, dear Handbag. I was excited to find you in the charity shop some years ago, and I know that someone else will soon enjoy the same elation upon finding a wee gem like you! You’ve not been discarded; you’ve been given a chance at a new beginning!

by Just Frances at 6:49pm (GMT) on December 30th, 2014

It is a good feeling to declutter and to find new treasures. Love you and Happy New Year!

by Carolyn Fenton at 4:09pm (GMT) on December 31st, 2014

Happy New Year to you, too! I hope you and the kids have a wonderful 2015!! xx

by Just Frances at 7:06pm (GMT) on December 31st, 2014

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