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Meet Frances

Hello! I am Frances Ryan, author and creator of awesomeness at Just Frances.

I am a small town gal from the mountains of Washington State. I embrace my redneck roots and am quite proud of them because I know that the stereotypes just ain’t true.

I grew up in a large Catholic family as the third of six daughters to two awesome parents and I am now the proud Aunty to 20 nieces and nephews (including those by marriage) and a handful of great nieces and nephews. Oh, and I was once a foster mommy to an awesome kid, too!

I have been living back-and-forth between Scotland and Small Town America since September 2001, and as of August 2011 I have been back in my beloved Scotland where I hope to settle for the long term. Since my return, I have completed my master’s degree at the University of Stirling and am now working on my PhD at Edinburgh Napier University.

My free time is spent running, writing, reading, and swirling. I am a passionate cook (though a less-passionate dish-washer!) and when I’ve lived in places with my own garden, I’ve been passionate about growing things, too. I also enjoy travelling and spending time with my family and friends.

Other words that could be used to describe me (as provided by my friends) are: Quirky, enthusiastic, determined, and sweet-toothed. If you want to see more words my friends would use to describe me, check out this post!

And if you still want to know a bit more about me, have a good scour around the site or check out these fun posts: