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The law of adventure

This entry was posted on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 by Frances Ryan.
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I have a personal outlook on life—a law, if you will—that says I will have as many adventures as possible. It might be a 5-minute adventure that sees me popping into a wee art exhibit on the way to the dentist. Or maybe it’s a long weekend to somewhere fantastic or a long-term move to a foreign land. Whilst long weekends away and moves to foreign lands can’t happen on a regular basis, mini-adventures can!

Today’s adventure began with a stop off at The Flag Heritage Centre in Athelstaneford—the birthplace of Scotland’s Saltire flag. From there, I grabbed three wee geocaches before embarking on the day’s main adventure.

And as the law of adventure has it, today’s main adventure was a trip to North Berwick to climb The Law. (Get it? Law of adventure; The Law? Sorry, but I do make myself laugh!)

The first time I walked up The Law was on my 42nd birthday. This time, the weather was a bit nicer and a lot less windy! (Though still a bit windy at the top.) Also! Also! There were ponies this time! Yes, there is a group of semi-feral Exmoor ponies living on the hill as part of a conservation grazing project.

My adventure ended with a stop off for some ice cream (and a new scarf from a charity shop). I’m not sure what next weekend’s adventure will be, but I’m working on a few ideas so do stay tuned!

There aren’t too many photos to share from today’s adventure, in part because I shared so many of The Law last year. You can see those photos here if the ones below don’t satisfy you enough!

The law of adventure - Gallery

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